All services offered by Earnings Accountant are performed in house by myself, Christopher Cossio. There are three strengths I offer as your accountant. First, I am a graduate of Florida International University, having obtained a Master of Accounting degree. Second, I’m an expert user of business technology such as Microsoft Office, G Suite, and various accounting softwares. Lastly, I have hands on career experience with national accounting firms where I earned experience in the field of taxation, audit and accountancy. Contact me today to discuss how I can serve your accounting needs. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Before all else, I can add value to you because of my education at FIU. Because of my undergraduate and graduate coursework in accounting, I have become proficient in understanding and preparing financial statements in accordance with GAAP. I know the fundamentals of using a chart of accounts, working with a general ledger and coding journal entries. I have also taken courses particular to taxation where I developed an understanding of tax basis financial statements. Furthermore, I have completed an undergraduate degree in real estate, where I secured expertise in valuation principles, as well as legal environments.

Technology Expertise

Technology is playing a bigger role in the duties of an accountant, and I’m proud to say that I have used business technology extensively in professional and academic applications. For example, I have offered consulting services to companies who have sought to automate and streamline their accounting functions. I have used this software expertise to improve reconciliations and tasks which used to be completed manually, saving time. I have attained an understanding of advanced functions including pivot tables, nested formulas, lookups, index-matches, if-then arguments, and many more functions.


To conclude, the final attribute which sets me apart as the strongest candidate is my experience with national public accounting firms. In this capacity, I prepared state income and franchise tax returns for clients with multi-jurisdictional nexus. I have drafted letters to state agencies to request relief under specific tax provisions relating to Sales and Use tax. Likewise, I have successfully argued for accelerated obsolescence factors relating to tangible property assessments, and have used income based approaches to lower real property assessments resulting in reduced property tax liabilities. I’ve also liaised with independent auditors to issue audited financial statements.

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